Double amputee from Zambia who makes crutches for children gets to walk again.

By Jamie Mcansh

At the age 34, driver and carpenter David Miti’s life changed forever.  David lost both of his legs to gangrene. I can relate to this journey as this was around about the same time of life that my life changed forever.

You have no choice and no chance to plan for what happens. 

David Miti was faced with two choices, just like I was, choice 1) was to carry on. Choice 2) was to give up. And, just like myself David considered choice 2.

However, He found the strength and even continued his life in carpentry devoting time to making crutches, special chairs, and standing frames for children in his hometown in Zambia.

David is now in his 50s, his kindness and dedication to others is being rewarded: 500 Miles is a charity and they have funded a project to fit him with artificial limbs.

David says, “Life can change anytime, and you have to accept it the way it comes to you.”

Never a truer word spoken.


This video was produced by National Geographic.