That #fridayfeeling

mindfulness should not be a chore it should be a major part of our lives. 

By Jamie McAnsh

As the working day comes to a close we all focus on the fact that it is Friday, we are free to enjoy the weekend. That could mean meeting up with friends or spending time with family. This is a very important time for us all to interact with others and share a smile and let our hair down.
For many, the stress of the week may still be playing on your mind, that could be work or school related. This stress is considered negative stress. It’s the kind of stress that causes us to suffer from all kinds of anxiety and in some cases depression.
It may not be an easy thing to understand or to let go but during any type of downtime from our busy lives, we need to take a moment to switch off and relax. This could be in the form of going for a walk or even doing some simple light exercise.
Meditation is a great way to recharge your mind, simple breathing techniques are proven to improve mental wellbeing. As a society, there is a general knowledge about healthy eating and keeping fit and active but as a society, it is commonplace to forget the most important organ in the human body. The mind.
Have a great weekend and remember taking care of yourself is not a chore it is a necessity to a healthy state of mind and wellbeing.
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“What day is it?” asked Pooh. 

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. 

“My favourite day,” said Pooh.