Our Summit of Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis one of the most dangerous mountain on earth! Not for any other reason but its simply unpredictability.  

By Charlott and Jamie

By Charlott and Jamie

Up Ben Nevis

Today Jamie achieved something that 5 years ago would have been impossible.  After attempted Ben Nevis 3 times the first 2 the mountain decided it was not his day to summit. Then Jamie fell ill and it looked like this was never going to happen. 3rd time lucky and we reached the top, and Jamie with his SmartCrutches had achieved an incredible dream. An incredible place to be and one of the hardest things we have ever accomplished together. Feeling very proud of this moment. 


Quick post

We thought we would add this very quick post as it is not actually about the climb but more about the accomplishment. The walk starts at the bridge from the river and along a steady track. Once we got onto the hills it was big boulders and high steps. The slopes were steady but not easy. We stopped many time to take in the views and just enjoy the moment. Its a fair point to state that very often a mountain is climbed and the person is heads down but for us it is about taking in the moments and views that the mountain has to offer. 

Red Burn

An interesting part of the mountain. The red burn lives up to its name. A long, steep and red gravel track gives the name Red. As for the burn part, possibly the feeling you get on the back of your legs. The weather up here can change very quickly. Respect is the most important factor. Respect to your own ability. Respect to the mountain. Finally respect to mother nature.  

Snow and Summit

Amazingly to get to the summit we had to pass over a perfect ring of snow. Measuring about two to three feet deep, its hard to believe up here in the clouds that it is in fact June. Coming over the top and onto the summit plate was something very special. The clouds had started to roll in and within seconds you could see nothing. However, as fast as they came, they passed and we could see for as far as the eye would allow us. A very magical moment being on the roof top of the United Kingdom and now we head forward to Mount Everest base Camp. We do love a challenge.

Final points

Remember, turning back down a mountain is a sign of a wise person, returning another day to face it all again is a sign of respect for the mountain and determination for one self.  There is one thing we do know for sure, that is we could not have done it without Jamie’s Smartcrutch’s.  

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