Balance and Breath – Esther Nagle


I have met a lot of people over the years, Some have been motivational and inspirational, others have just worked hard to get where they are. recently i met an amazing women called Esther. 

Esther is motivational with out a doubt. Her story is inspirational to anyone who has had to fight addiction. And it is safe to say she has had to work very hard to get where she is now. 

Alcohol, Drugs and addiction. 

Esther, A 20 year alcoholic with drug addictions and a life of hiding from her troubles. Her mother would describe her life as interesting. Others would call her a failed mother and a drunk. 

From a professional I.T and web designer to a drinker who has lost control over life. Esther’s journey is full pressures and worked related stress as well as a difficult home life. Esther found a way out! It was not the recommended way out but it was the route she took. A long path that would mould her life in a very negative and distructive way.

20 years of alcohol and drug abuse followed. Taking apart Esther’s career, confidence, respect and self esteem. All these factors then put esther into a whirl wind of self abuse.

Her career was infact in a strong place there was no reason why she could not have made it very lucrative. However Esther broke down and walked away from the things she seemed to no longer be able to control.

So what is the defined difference of an alcoholic and a drinker. As Esther told me it is a problem when it becomes a problem. it is a point where moderation become an issue. does the alcohol intake interfere with the ability to manage your life? For Esther alcohol became her priority over everything else. 

After trying the Sober October challenge,and failing miserably,  Esther had still at this point not realised that she had a real issue with Alcohol.


Esther eventually turned to Yoga where she started to find a very deep inner peace. As well as being skilled in I.T Esther was also a qualified teacher. Putting the two together who knew at this time that her life would take a very different turn.

Controlled by drink for 20 years Esther only really started to make the consequential  decision to stop drinking in January 2014 when she signed to train as a yoga teacher. Not straight away but this was the start, even thought at the time Esther was not fully aware.

Self studying as part of the course Esther would write down her issues and her life connections started to really make sense. Her issues where starting to  stand out to her. Clarity became a thing.

oOthe 12th of October of that year Esther had woken with one of the worst hangovers she had ever experienced, her body was starting to build an intolerance to alcohol. After so many years of being depended on alcohol, her body was infact not used to large quantities of alcohol in its system. 

The realisation of not only had Esther wasted years of her life, she had also realised she was destroying her body. That was the point!, Right there! she decided to put alcohol to bed. 

The Closet

Once the alcohol control had been released the new challenge began. Esther took to drink to run away from the reality. she had not been a good mother at this point even though she was there to teach them and keep them safe. Here was the point where she  had to now deal with all the things she had hid away in the closet. 

Esther needed to deal with so much and even now 4 years later she is still facing and having to deal with those issues. She told me that it is still an issue and it still take alot of work. Loving yourself is the hardest thing to do and takes a lot of work.

Esther had to deal with guilt, and shame. She had to cope with the effect her life choices had made on those around her. Alcohol was just a tool to hide from the issues that up to this point she had not wanted to face. 

Esther still has good days and bad days. With the help of Meditation, Yoga and breathing she has learned to control her emotions. Noticing direct behaviour changes in her children. Her business has started to take her to new places and she has even written a book. 

Esther’s story is honest and raw. The time I spent with her was so inspirational and humbling at the same time. The interview was easy flowing and Esther gave us a real insight into her life. 

I cant thank Esther enough for the time we spent together and I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have enjoyed making it. And I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Thank you Esther and good luck for your ongoing journey. you are a strong women with a challenge ahead. You will reach your Summit. 


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