Hills views and amazing places

Coed Parc -y- Van

My weekend adventure of just 4 days with Hills views and amazing places started at Coed Parc -y- Van, just off Van Rd in Caerphilly. Honestly the road was called Van road and I was parked there in my Camper Van. Irony. 

The reason why I was parked there was i had a game of squash to play on the Saturday morning and i had Basketball training in the afternoon. It was close, Safe and comfortable. 

I lost at Squash but as I always say “I win as soon as I pick up a racket and play a game”. Only 3 years ago this was not a possibility for me and here I am playing in a local league.

As leagues go I also Play wheelchair basketball and for me this is an opportunity to train and play with some great guys. Normally training involves a bit of Bball and a lot of  the micky being taken out of me. This we was no different. Ahhh the joys of being around friends who look at you as their equal. Dont worry I also give as good as I get.

Once training was over I hit the road and what an epic trip! Lots of Hills, Plenty of Views and some amazing places.

Next stop Brecon 

I absolutely love this place! The town (or should I say city) is charming with character and beauty on every turn. Unfortunately and of course it was Sunday so most of the places were closed. Still a great place to stroll with little care and the added bonus of nowhere to be.

I met a guy from Georgia! He was friendly.  We chatted for a bit as we walked in the same direction, basic stuff, Nice day! Lovely weather! That sort of thing. I wondered why he was here? What was his story? But our chat was friendly but brief. It ended with a wave and fairwell. I still wonder though what was his story.

A few shops was in fact open and Wondered down this side street that opened up into a kind of square.

Sat at the entrance was this homeless chap! Sat on the floor near to Mountain Warehouse. He was just Begging for loose change. I noticed how he was ignored. People walked past as if he was a ghost. They didn’t even look at him let alone acknowledge him.   

I found this sad, I mean dont get me wrong, Yes! He is human and that should never be forgotten. But we are all only a few steps from being him. On the street with nothing. Even the rich can loose it all! A lesson we should never forget. A lesson that every single person that walked past him should realise that our life as we know it is fragile.

Take a listen to my Podcast show where I Talk about this chap in more detail. I also have a strong message in the show as well. Maybe you will gain some value and/or prospective. A message of how we should never take what we have for granted.


Listen to “#8 Your one step away from nothing” on Spreaker.

Right on the river Cothi and a little park up just off the main road was my next destination. Again the Hills views and amazing places was plentiful. Not a bad place to sleep for the night in fairness. Out the way, sort of in the trees and i still had 4G to watch a bit of YouTube.

The drive though was the part here worth talking about. Right threw the Brecon Beacons. Mountains, Vallies and loads of open space.

Gave me room to think as I drove. Also makes you wonder how small you really are! Here I was driving along a road, in a big wight van, and yet I was completely insignificant. No one knew I was there. Even when I parked up no one knew anything about it.

We all go through life thinking we have a purpose. Or trying to find that purpose. Its not until you are in a massive valley where you can see as far as the eye will allow you, do you realise that you are actually no more than a little ant in a very big colony. 

I guess every ant has its role to play though!


A beautiful place set in fantastic scenery offering, free Car park and National Trust members entrance. You can pay! Prices are on the website

Amazing staff, Fantastic views, Wide open space and plenty to do and see. As you can tell I love open space. we live in a congested world at times.

The tour of the mines was amazing. However, not great if you are wheelchair bound. There is still plenty to see though and the staff seem to try and accommodate where they can. I was on crutches so besides the steps upto the mine the day was fairly accessible.

I recorded a podcast of my time there so have a listen below.

Listen to “Dolaugothi estate and gold mines” on Spreaker.

Yep this is a Place. Its right on the west coast. There is a little car park there that is about 10 feet from the sea. A pebble beach. and the sounds of crashing waves.

what a place to just park up and grab some food while watching the sun set. absolutely beautiful! 


OMG I can not even start to say how much I enjoyed it here.

What an amazing place with stunning gardens and grounds, the house is modest but it has its own charm.

wheelchair friendly to a point but there are steps so these areas would cause issues. Manly in the house though, once outside it is chippings so use a freewheel if you have one. Again having a good day I was on crutches and I could really enjoy what this place had to offer. 

Hit the link to go to the website.

After I had wondered around the house reading all about the history, the people who had lived there over the years and taking in the marvel of the place I headed into the gardens and just let myself get lost.

I found the vegetable garden and had a little natter to one of the gardeners. She was cool and clearly loved her job. Its not really a job there though more of an extended hobby that pays the bills. Although they may not see it that way.

The wall garden. The flower garden. just so much to see. I confess I ate one of the tomatoes growing in the green house! It was just so red and tasty looking! I couldn’t help it!

I strolled around the farm. Made a few friends with the animals. I got to sit by the lake for some time. two of the grounds team walked past and one said to the other. 

“Thats the fullest I seen the lake in a few months.”

Never thought about it. We had all that dry weather, then all that rain. Here i was sitting in the Autumn sun with a soft breeze and soaking up the view. One I would not have had if we had not had all that rain!

 I done a little podcast of my visit so again have a listen hope you enjoy.

Have a listen to my Podcast all about my visit.

Listen to “Llanerchaeron” on Spreaker.
Final point

All in all I had a good 4 day Trip. It didn’t cost me much. A bit of fuel and I had time to relax. Learn. I took in history and let my imagination wonder. Absolutely amazing! And lets not forget the Hills views and amazing places.

I literally Cant wait now until my next adventure