Cornwall Vanlife adventure

Cornwall Vanlife adventure

What can I say about this adventure? Epic! Amazing! The best! All of these are great ways of describing the Cornwall Vanlife Adventure. 

100’s of miles of fantastic roads and views. A glorious mix of of the countryside meeting the coast. We found little coves to go surfing and stopped in fantastic, almost postcard towns and fishing harbours.

Amazing Food

We ate amazing foods and enjoyed a range of different coffees. The surf was epic and the waters was clear but a little cold.  People travel miles for something we have right here on our door step. 

“Albert the van” ran like a dream and didn’t miss a beat. Some of the hill we had to climb was a bit of a challenge but he made it up there in one peace, that’s all that matters.

Great Ap’s to help

We used apps such as “park for night” to find places to park up. We used google to find “National Trust” sights. As members we can often find a free place to park near the coast to get some surf and it great for a day out.

All in all the trip was amazing. hit the link to our Instagram page to see the rest of our picks, but honestly guys i could either sit here and tell you all about our trip or i can just add the pics. 

A few images of the trip