My Van Life

My Hunt For Van Life

Van life” One thing I love about the UK is that no matter what the situation, if you look hard enough you will always find a lovely little place to just park up and relax.

I love travelling! The idea of travelling and the concept of learning! whats not to love?  I love culture and different traditions. How people live and interact with the world around them. People fascinate me but at the same time terrify me.

I have seen what one human can do to another in the most horrific of cases. I spent a few years in the Army and seen more than I wanted to.

Yet I have seen acts of kindness that are more impressive than anything I have ever experienced and it’s those qualities that fascinate me the most.

My Dream

My dream of camper life was born from a time in my life that was absolutely unbearable. When my ex wife and I split and went our separate ways I felt that somewhere along the way I had lost myself. Lost who I was.

We all change for our partners is small ways here and there but over the years you realise you are a completely different person.

The idea of a van was to go and find myself. Reading books of adventure and tales of those who are doing just that excites me beyond belief. Meeting new people along the way, learning new things and experience different ways of life is more exciting to me than anything at the moment. Also hoping to climb a few mountains along the way but that’s an added bonus.

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