First Step To Campervan-Life

Life Changes

I have been dreaming of the freedom of a Campervan-life for years. The idea of being able to go where I like when I like.

Of course that’s not always the case! Yes I work. People often tend to think that as I am in a wheelchair I instantly get everything for free. That is not the case.

Up until recently I was married, owned my own home, had a car on finance and had bills and Direct Debits up to my eyeballs. I am sure most people can relate to this. Well in the past 9 months my wife left and I am getting divorced. The house has been sold and I have moved back into my mothers. Again there are people out there that will relate to this situation.

Needless to say its been tough. I have had a lot of change. Not all for the good but also not all for the bad either. I have found that for the first time in years my bills are minimal, my outgoings are low and I have the opportunity to free up some of the time in my life to follow my dream.

step one find a van

first step was to find a van! I honestly thought this would be easy. however i know “NOTHING” about vans. The options are never ending. Different sizes! all sorts of makes. And as for cost, that’s just an open ended cheque.

I have a friend who owns a recovery company. he is also the same guy who carries out all the work on my cars. He also does all the work on my families cars. needless to say i trust his opinion. i was asking his advice when he showed me a van he had for sale! It was perfect. Its a Medium wheel based Ford Transit. 

The Specifications
Engine size (litres) 2.2
HP 110
Overall length (mm) 5230
Overall height (mm) 2363
Overall width (mm) 1974
Wheelbase (mm) 3300
Loading Height (mm) 596
Rear Door Width (mm) 1540
Rear Door Height (mm) 1666
Load Length (mm) 2949
Load Width Max (mm) 1762
Load Height (mm) 1745
Load Volume (m3) 9.1
Gross Payload (Kg) 1560
Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 3300
Kerb Weight (Kg) 1740
Towing Limit (Kg) 1200
Whats the next thing on the list to do

So there are a few things I will need to do. I need to strip it out and clean it. its been used as a recovery van. Yes its dirty. Very dirty! But that will be so amazing to give it an amazing clean and give it a new lease of life. I will post photos on the next blog in the series.

I am looking to fit new front seats. now this bit may or may not take some doing as I want to custom a nice comfortable set. again look out for the update blog.

Layout is going to be tricky. Getting in all the bits I want. A fixed bed. with storage under it to fit two wheel chairs. Storage for clothes and food. Somewhere for tools. I need to look at my options for cooking as i don’t really what to fit gas. I have been looking at my choices for heating, What do I go for that is reasonably priced?

Its exciting times ahead and I will be ticking this off my bucket list. I will blog each stage so please follow the link to read more. And if you have any tips please post them through the contact page.