Dreaming about freedom


One thing I love about the uk is that no matter what the situation if you look hard enough you will always find a lovely little place to just park up and relax. And for me at the moment it’s all about the dream of freedom.

I am currently sat in my car reading a book called around the coast in a camper van and watching planes land at Bristol airport.  I love travelling the idea of travelling and the concept of learning. I love culture and different traditions. How people live and interact with the world around them. People fascinate me but at the same time terrify me. I have seen what one human can do to another in the most horrific of cases, yet I have seen acts of kindness that are more impressive than anything I have ever experienced and it’s those qualities that fascinate me the most.

My dream of camper life is quickly becoming a reality and the thought of simply hitting the road and enjoying what it has to offer is appealing to me more and more everyday. I want to see as much of the UK as I can before anything else. I think if you learn about where you come from you will learn easier about where you are going.

How the van idea was born

When my ex wife and I split and went our separate ways I felt that somewhere along the way I had lost myself, lost who I was. We all change for our partners is small ways here and there but over the years you realise you are a completely different person.

The idea of a van was to go and find myself, reading books of adventure and tales of those who are doing just that excites me beyond belief. Meeting new people along the way, learning new things and experience different ways of life is more exciting to me than anything at the moment. Also hoping to climb a few mountains along the way but that’s an added bonus.

Originality the idea was to do it on weekends, you know leave Friday come back Sunday. Then I thought well why not live in the van. Then I thought I will give up Work altogether, go travelling full time and turn my back on the idea of normal life. However along the way my circumstances changed.

I reduced my hours in work to only 3 days a week. This was a massive positive to my next few months weeks or maybe years. So currently the plan is to travel for 4 days work for 3 and so on. I planned on enjoying the open road with just me, my thoughts and what ever happens along the way.

A few little adjustments

Since that plan was created I have met someone. Her name is Debra and believe it or not she actually likes me! I Know I was shocked aswell. I honestly thought I may be stuck with single life for a while. I have no money, no actual home as such and as far as job prospects! Well, let’s not go there. My fear that my disability would put people off was very real, infact I had taken a few confidence hits thanks to online dating. I think that I may have set myself up for a fall before I started to be truthful. But maybe Deb actually like me for me?

Deb loves the idea of van life and travelling, the new plan seems to work well for both of us so looks like we may just be fairly well on the same path in life. That is always a good start to any relationship.
To be completely honest The idea of the van and the open road was something that came out of nowhere and has literally taken its own path. I have not really guided it or even planned any of it until it actually happens, even then I seem to just react and see where it goes. I think that was the idea all long.

I may decide to turn my blog and my story into a book I can write it along the way and maybe someone somewhere may get some value out of my adventure! Who knows? But let’s see what happens.

Sit back and take time

I try not to take to much in life to seriously. Try and relax but at the same time stay loyal to myself.  Even though the plan has molded and changed. Found new directions and in the end may be unrecognizable from the original idea. The concept will be the same. Buy a van, kit it out my way, travel and create a work life balance that suits me. Be happy in my own skin and build strength in my mind. Open my heart up to new things and new people. Create new friends and enjoy new experiences. Go and see old friends and enjoy their company, But most of all to be free!!
But for now I am going to enjoy sitting here for a while and watch the world pass me by with no care and now worry, nothing to trouble me just for this moment and when I am ready I will start my car and move on……