My Bucket list

My bucket list

It is safe to say that my Bucket list is growing and genuinely not sure if i will ever reach the end. I love nothing more than a great experience or big adventure, the more of the challenge the better. When I set out with Challenge 15 the aim was to attempt some things off my list but also to attempt to lay the foundation for what was definitely possible. Sometime you just know in your heart that you need to achieve something.


The List ongoing
  1. Travel from lands end to Jon O Groats
  2. complete a Climb of Ben Evis
  3. a single Climb of Castle pike
  4. Climb the three peaks
  5. attempt to Climb Everest
  6. Sleep under the stars
  7. Pull a car in my wheelchair
  8. Milk A Cow
  9. Visit Paris
  10. Dance like a fool and not care who was watching
  11. Complete a tightrope in my chair
  12. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  13. Watch a massive meteor shower
  14. learn to make cheese
  15. Build a campervan
  16. Sleep in an ice hotel
  17. Drive a truck
  18. Scream as loudly as I can from a roof top
  19. Skinny dip
  20. Try sledge hockey
  21. Go in a submarine
  22. Learn to dance in a wheelchair chair
  23. learn to climb stairs in a chair
  24. Ride a dig sledge
  25. See an Iceberg
  26. Watch a lightning storm out at sea
  27. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise
  28. See the Northern Lights
  29. go to New Zealand
  30. Go to Ireland
  31. Do something amazing for my friends
  32. Make my own candle
  33. Dance with a stranger in a foreign country
  34. Save / change someone’s life
  35. performance on stage as a wheelchair user
  36. Go to Las Vegas
  37. Visit America
  38. See the northern lights
  39. Go on a cruise
  40. Eat mushrooms that I have gathered
  41. Ride a horse
  42. Visit the Grand Canyon
  43. See Niagara Falls
  44. Push across the Goldengate Bridge
  45. Visit Japan
  46. Scuba Dive
  47. Visit the Statue of Liberty
Completed so far
  1. See a total eclipse -complete
  2. Work a day I need a Zoo – complete
  3. Create my own website – complete
  4. Attempt to motivate others – Complete
  5. learn to ride a motorcycle again – Complete
  6. Make a stranger smile with a hug – complete
  7. Zip line – Complete
  8. Attempt WCMX – Complete
  9. Get on an Aeroplane – Complete
  10. Meet Bear Grylls – Complete
  11. Take care of someone who needs me -complete
  12. Pen Y Fan in a wheelchair – Complete
  13. Drive off road – complete
  14. Go Shooting – complete
  15. Be on the News – Complete
  16. Surf – Complete
  17. Read an ill child a bedtime story – complete
  18. Have a meaningful conversation with someone living in hardship treating them with respect – complete